Watch service on site

A watch that has been working for many years needs a comprehensive overhaul once in a while. This involves disassembling the watch into its individual parts. All parts are thoroughly cleaned, replaced with original parts if necessary, then reassembled and oiled. A meticulous function check and a fine-tuning complete this service.

Stebler Gstaad is an official and certified Rolex service centre and employs an own experienced watchmaker. We will also gladly take care of watches from renowned Swiss brands that are not part of our selection. Depending on the type of work required, the availability of spare parts and cost efficiency, the maintenance work is either carried out in-house or we cooperate with the manufacturer.

Depending on the brand, model and age, a complete service is usually recommended every four to five years, though shorter or longer intervals are also possible. In order to ensure the waterproofness of a watch according to its specifications, its tightness should be checked regularly and restored if necessary. Over time, seals become brittle and need to be replaced.

We carry out battery replacements for house and external brands in our atelier.